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Blog Posts Shown Differently than Product Posts

If you’ve already explored around this demo a little, you may have noticed that Market handles product posts and regular blog posts differently. If you click on a blog post title to read the entire post, you’ll see that Market displays the post in typical blog layout. It displays the information post on the left side, and also includes RSS information and a comments box similar to other blogs (which can of course be disabled is desired).

In contrast, Product posts are displayed much different. Rather than featuring the information on the left, Market switches the layout around so that the product images are featured on the left. Each product post can have a large primary image and up to 3 secondary supporting images if desired. Product title, price, description and other information are displayed on the right in a very customer friendly layout.

You will also notice that other typical blog post information has been removed, such as comments, RSS feeds, and categories. This ensures that your customer is not distracted by unrelated information.