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K20Mart EG/DC2 Aluminum Radiator – $450

K20Mart EG/DC2 Aluminum Radiator

This is one of our most hottest selling products yet!
It’s a full sized length radiator based off the RSX, with the following features:

  • Made of 10-1000 aluminum with a dual core for maximum cooling
  • Specially designed to fit the EG chassis w/K20/24 engine using RBC intake manifold (zero clearance issues with TPS sensor and upper rad hose!), but also compatible with the common PRC manifold.
  • No clearance issues at all with EG under hood structure
  • Compatible with DC2 chassis and retains factory radiator mounting points

EG Owners: It is required that lower radiator support brackets be relocated in the same fashion as using an Integra radiator.