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Are struggling to find something to sell?

Have you considered selling products that can be drop shipped?

Drop shipping is a type of relationship with a supplier (typically a manufacturer or an importer), where you sell the item, and your supplier ships the product directly to your customer.

This can be a great arrangement for many reasons including:

  • No money tied up in inventory -- Only pay for an item after you've already sold it.
  • You can order 1 item at a time -- Let your supplier worry about the bulk ordering.
  • No effort tied up in product fulfillment -- This leaves you more time to market.  Simply send the purchase order to your supplier.
  • Gain instant access to your supplier's entire catalog -- Add their entire product line to your website, without paying anything in advance.

Drop ship products directly to your customer after they've already paidAgain, the beauty of this arrangement is that you don't have to pay for ANY product until you actually have an order from your customer. With drop shipping there's no need to tie up your money buying product in advance. So, if a particular item doesn't sell -- you're not sitting on a garage full of product waiting for an order.

Using this strategy, you can build a massive website offering of products without any of the cost involved in storing inventory or ordering in bulk.  You can be offering literally 1000's of products on your website, without needing the capital required for traditional retail.  Drop shipping works fantastic for internet sales.

Traditionally, the main problem with drop shipping has been finding sources that are truly manufacturers or direct importers.  Many companies claiming to be "Wholesale" drop shippers are actually middlemen, that mark up products for their own profit -- making it harder for you to offer your customers a truly competitive price.

It's also important to find reliable suppliers that do not charge any setup fees for creating a drop shipping account.   (Legitimate drop shippers desire the extra business, and never require any upfront fees or charges to signup.)

If you try researching on your own, you can spend hours and hours searching for products and suppliers, just to find another middleman or that they won't sell to online sellers.  This can be an incredible waste of your time.  Plus, real drop ship wholesalers generally don't advertise in the search engines anyway.

This is why we only recommend one source.

The Worldwide Brands Drop Ship Directory.

Worldwide Brands offers a legitimate wholesaling and drop shipping directory with over 8.2 million wholesale products.   They are constantly attending industry trade shows to expand their depth, and personally certify

Their online directory is fully searchable, so you can search by product or category.  It also makes it easy to browse categories if you're not quite sure what exact product you're looking for.

So, if you're looking for products to sell and would like to learn more about drop shipping as a strategy, we recommend you visit the Worldwide Brands website for more information.



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