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Welcome to the support area for Market.

As mentioned in various places throughout the site, we have a helpful FAQ page, and an extensive member support forum.

Visit the FAQ page
The FAQ section answers many of the common questions that we have received about the theme.

Vist the Support Forum Area
Our helpful Support Forums are available for technical support questions. This works very well, because once a question is answered, it is available for all to see and benefit.

Non-members can ask questions in the "pre-sale" forum, and may browse the "Gallery" and "How to" forums as well.

Registered members (those who already own the theme) have full access to all forum areas, PLUS access to an additional private "Support" forum to post questions, answer questions, or discuss customization ideas with other members.

Although the forums contain many answers related to theme customization, we cannot always promise technical support for unique customization questions. There are simply an unlimited amount of customization possibilities. Our priority is to get people up and running with the standard installation quickly, and to provide a community where members can share ideas and help each other.

Now with that said, you will be pleased to know that there are a lot of community members lurking out there who are more than willing to help with customization related issues.

Contact us by Email
If you would like to email us, you can contact us here.

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