Market is a good looking online store, that's easy for your customers to use

The Theme Overview

Market Theme is quite possibly one of the easiest, quickest, and most intuitive ways to setup your own online store around. Market takes advantage of the WordPress content management system, so it is extremely easy to setup, operate, and customize.

Whether you're a beginner with limited technical knowledge who wants something easy to use, or an experienced internet marketer who wants a solid ecommerce system setup quickly. Market let's you get past the technical, so you can move onto your next business task.

    Here's how easy Market is to setup:

    1. Upload the Market theme to your WordPress themes folder
    2. "Activate" your theme
    3. Create your main products category
    4. Enter a few settings (such as your Paypal ID, and your desired color scheme)

That's it!

You're now ready to start adding product images & descriptions using the easy "add products" administration page.

Clean Product Display

Market includes a few page templates to make your storefront look great. Present featured categories and recently added products, or display products in a clean grid layout. You can do these without any special add-ons like some other WordPress Ecommerce solutions.

Easy Product Management

Market includes easy-to-use Product Management features that make entering products a breeze. All you have to do is fill out a simple product entry form with product details (pricing, sizes, colors, inventory levels, shipping, etc.), upload a product image or two (up to 4), choose a category, and click the "Publish" button. It's really that easy. Plus, you can also review all of your products (pricing, inventory levels, whether or not images have been uploaded, etc.), with just a quick glance through the "products report" area.

Discount Coupon Codes

Want to boost your sales by offering a coupon? Market gives you the ability to offer your customers discount coupon codes to give them an extra incentive to buy. You can create coupon codes with either a percentage off the order total (eg. 10% off), or by a straight predetermined value (eg. Save $5.00).

You Can Sell Affiliate Products too

Don't have any of your own items to sell?  That's not a problem!  You can also setup Market to offer affiliate products with just a simple click of a checkbox, and the pasting in of your affiliate link URL. Rather than displaying the typical "Add to Cart" button, Market will display an attractive "Get Full Details" button that will transport the visitor directly to your affiliate URL upon clicking. Imagine easily uploading pictures from Amazon and using Market as an affiliate money making machine!

Multiple Payment Methods

Market supports multiple payment gateways including Paypal,, Google Checkout, as well as an "offline" processing mode where "Bill me later" type orders are emailed to the store owner for manual processing. We will be adding more payment gateways over time - All of which will be available in the download center. As a customer, you will have free lifetime access to all future modules & upgrades.

Multiple Product Options w/ Pricing Adjustments

Do you want to charge more (or less) for different product options like size or color? With Market, you can charge differently based on the options selected. For example, if you sell T-shirts at a base price of $15 each. You can create an option so that small, medium, and large shirts sell for the $15 base price, but your extra large shirts sell for $18 (base price plus $3 for the XL option), your extra small shirts sell for $13.50 (base price minus $1.50), and all the purple and green ones sell for $2 extra. It's very flexible if needed.

Don't Want to Sell? - Use Market as a Simple Product Catalog

Some users don't actually want ecommerce abilities, but simply desire a good looking product catalog to showcase their offerings. With just a quick option change in the "settings" area, you can completely disable the ecommerce shopping cart system and use Market Theme as a fully functional WordPress product catalog.
Learn more about using Market Theme as a WordPress Product Catalog for your business.

Product Search

Did you know that not all ecommerce systems out there include a search feature? Market includes search boxes on every page in optimal locations to help your customers find products easier. Giving your customers the power to quickly and easily locate products will help increase your sales conversions.

WordPress and WordPress MU Forward Compatible

Market works great on both WordPress and WordPress MU. Use the WPMU compatibility to have a hosted shopping solution for your visitors (for just the cost of a developers license) and still retain the Market Product Manager features. Plus, Market will continue to work in future versions of WordPress without fear of compatibility issues.

Multiple Uses

Market can be used for more than just selling products. Many people use Market as a simple way to display portfolio items, to market affiliate program products, or a company's online catalog. The entire ordering process of Market can be easily turned off in the settings area if you don't actually want to sell your items to your visitors.

How Does it Compare to the Competition?

One of the most used WordPress E-commerce solutions out there right now is the WP E-Commerce plugin by Instinct. While it may seem like an attractive solution at first, because it's a plugin (not a theme) it requires extra integration and more programming knowledge for setup. Market however, is an all-inclusive theme so all you'll need to do is activate it, and then enter a few items in the settings area. Take a moment to compare and see for yourself the advantages and disadvantages of both. Ultimately, we think you'll find the Market theme to be a much easier solution with more benefits.

Get More Than You Paid For

As soon as you purchase the Market Theme, you'll get immediate access to the download center. The download center contains much more than just one theme. You can pick up Market versions 2 and 3 - two completely different styled versions of the Market theme. Or maybe the Market 'Lite' plugin which lets you add "buy now" buttons to ANY post or page with any theme. If that is not enough, there are also useful plugins, and custom mods take the theme further. New additions and updates are always being added, and all for free!

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Market takes ecommerce to the next level with an easy to use, quick setup platform. Learn more or take the tour.