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Market Theme F.A.Q.

Have a question about the Market theme?

This F.A.Q. page is for commonly asked questions about the theme and the different licensing options. As new questions are asked in the forums, they will be added to this page as applicable, so check back frequently if you think a new one has popped up.

Q: Can I customize the theme?
A: Yes! No matter what license you go with, you can customize the theme as much as you like. Either edit the css stylesheet or template files (or both) to get the design to be exactly how you would like it to be. As long as you keep the WordPress related php code intact, the theme should not break. If you plan on changing code, make sure to use good backup practices. (If you do something to break the code, you'll have to re-download and start over.)

With the Standard License, any customizations you make can only be used for your own needs on your own sites. With a Developers License you can customize the theme and build upon it to meet the needs of your clients.

Q: What License Should I Get?
A: Depending on your needs, there are two licenses available - a "standard license" and a "developer license". The standard license is the most common option. This license is for those who just want to use the theme on their own site or sites, doing their own customizations for their own uses. With a developer license, you can utilize the code in the theme to your own needs or for client work.

Think of it like this - if your shop is only going to be making money through the items you sell, your best bet is a standard license. If you will be customizing the theme and selling it to a client or using it in a premium service project, you need the developer license. If you still are unsure, be sure to check out the license options page.

Q: Can I resell the theme?
A: No! Your license purchase is for yourself and that is it. As a developer, you can customize the theme and make profits off it as a customized template for clients, but you may not sell it "as is" no matter what license you have.

Q: Can Market be used as a Product Catalog only?
A: Yes! With a simple change of an option in the "Settings" area, you can disable all of the ecommerce abilities. This allows you to showcase your products in regular product catalog format. Click here to learn more about using Market as a WordPress Catalog Theme.

Q: Do you offer support?
A: Yes. An extensive member support forum is available for you to find answers to questions already presented, or to ask new questions. We will do our best to help how we can. Usually, the questions asked are simple ones that are already answered in the "readme" file or directions included in your download package - you may have just skipped over it - so just check again! (Email support is not available.)

Q: I can't seem to download the files. Why isn't it working correctly?
A: Sometimes this happens when you try to access a download and then do it again a short time later. The download links expire after a short period of time to prevent random linking to the files. Usually a hard refresh (CTRL+F5) on the "Download Item" page does the trick and gets the download to work. If you are still having issues use the support forums.

Q: Are Refunds Available?
A: Yes. We offer a full 60-day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied, or if you find that Market does not fit your needs. Just delete the theme from your server, and email us your refund request, and we'll take care of it.

Q: What are the requirements for the theme?
A: Market v1.0 and Market v2.0 along with the Market Lite Plugin work with WordPress version 2.0+ or higher. Market v3.0 and the Market Product Manager work with WordPress versions 2.5 and higher (including WordPress 2.8.2). All you need is the GD library installed on your hosting provider's server.

Most hosts already have the GD library, but if you are unsure - send a quick email to your hosting company to ask them. Instructions on how to check if your server has GD on it are available here.

If you have any questions not answered here, please browse our Support Forum for more info.

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