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Market for WordPress – The Theme

Introducing the Market Theme for WordPress.

I've gone far to long without blogging, but for good reason. I have been working on a public version of my recent marketplace type projects. The result is my first "premium" WordPress theme, titled simply "Market".

Market allows you to easily run your own WordPress powered marketplace, thanks to the use of many custom fields. The custom fields do much of the work for you - from setting a price to including that price, the name of the product, and other info and sending it all to Paypal for you (using the admin email as specified in the WordPress options panel). The theme can also easily be used as a way to showcase a portfolio.

Market Theme for WordPress - Showcase 1


Below are some of the features found in this theme. The best way to get a feel for the template is to give the live demo a try.*

*You may have to switch the theme to Market if it is not automatically the default theme, as this is where I test all my wordpress theme and projects. Also please note that I used Threadless tees as filler content. None of this stuff is actually for sale (by me anyway). Hit up Threadless if you are interested!

Market Theme for WordPress - Showcase 2

  • Function over form - The market theme was designed to focus on its functionality as opposed to its design. The theme is intended to be customized to meet the needs of its specific store, so the design may seem fairly boring at first. But, with the power of css, you can do a lot with it. If you are looking for a quick (and powerful) solution, and even if you do not have the time to customize, simply drop in a new logo and be up and running.
  • Hassle free integration - Using your admin email as specified in the WordPress settings the buy now button will forward all payments to you (so make sure your admin email is the same as your paypal email!).
  • Custom fields working hard for you - The theme uses multiple custom fields including one for a large product image (250x250, scaled for you if too big), additional product images (up to three shown with thumbnail opening up full image), price (used to list on page and to insert into paypal buy now code), and specs (used to list additional product information).
  • Thumbnail Generator - Code included and setup for you so thumbnails are all generated at the right sizes.
  • Fancyzoom for thumbnail pop-ups - Fancyzoom is in use for product thumbnails on the single post / product view page.
  • Multi-Pack Downloads - Download the standard Market theme install or a few other custom packages, such as one with the "buy now" option replaced with a "add to cart" option powered by FatFreeCart.

Purchasing the Theme:

Market is available for just $55 USD in the form of a standard license. That $55 allows you to use the theme on any of your sites - you do not need additional licenses to use the theme on different domains. Upgrades are also free. Support on the other hand will not be guaranteed because I am a student and I do not have time to personally fix every minor issue and reply to every single support question that comes in. Obviously large issues that are brought up will be taken care of. The included documentation will guide you through everything from installation to using every single custom field.

A Developers License is also available for $150 USD. The Developers License allows designers and developers who plan on building projects and client work around the theme to not only customize the theme, but safely resell it to their clients in their own packages. All of the features of a standard license, including free upgrades are included with the developers license.

Alert This theme requires the GD library for thumbnails to work. Check if you have GD first!

License Comparison
$55 USD
$150 USD
Upgrades / Additional Downloads:
Unlimited, Free
Unlimited, Free
Can be customized:
Resell Rights:
Can be customized and built upon for client work.
Ideal for:
Sole owner who wants to run a marketplace on one site or maybe a few of their sites.
Designer and developer who wishes to build off of the Market theme as part of client work.
Buy Now:
Promo Code:

Promo Code:

The theme requires WordPress 2.0+. With the near release of 2.5, I will be releasing a totally customized Post panel to make listing products and other items much easier for the average person.

You will receive an email with the download location and password instantly after your payment has been received. If you have any questions, the comments form or support forum would be a fine place to start. Feedback is also welcomed and appreciated!

Please note that you must have access to your Paypal email account in order to get the download information email. I know many times people use email addresses that they have no access to as their Paypal account emails, so please watch for this!


Still not convinced that the theme is right for you? Check out some of the various posts I've spotted out there which talk about the market theme. Maybe they'll help you make the (obvious) decision that this is the right theme for the job (I'm a little biased as you can tell).

License Information:

It is important to note what your download key gets you access to. You own one download key, and that is for your use only. The theme may not be reproduced in any way, although I encourage you to customize it as much as possible to meet your specific storefronts needs. For owners of the Developer's license, you may customize the theme for use in client projects, but as is the case for standard license owners you may not resell the theme as is. The selling of the download center login information (username and password) is strictly prohibited. Much hard work and time was put into this theme, so please respect my work. Thank you.

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