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A Work in Progress

Hello Market Themers. If you have been following the theme from its initial launch at the end of February, you have probably seen me talk about plans to (hopefully) at some point make the product adding process easier for those who are not so great with understanding how custom fields work. Today I am here to showcase a rough mockup of a plugin I hope to have available with the theme in the coming months that should take the Market theme to an easier higher level of usability and function.

Check out the mock-up here.

Some Notes about this plugin:

  • Plugin, not custom Write Panel - This will indeed be a plugin which will create it's own Tab in the WordPress Admin. It will mimic the post screen but will be changed around to be much easier to follow. Custom fields will have their own sections where the keys will be selected in the background for you, and setting the values for those keys will be much easier to do.
  • Based around easier 2.5 - The panel design is based around the WordPress 2.5 Admin hack which restores the sidebar to a much more practical, 2.3 like view.
  • Uploading without uploading - I hope for the ability to browse to images and upload them via ajax right in the write panel itself, without the useless WordPress 2.5 image uploader which needs to pop-up and ask a thousand questions before you can actually add an image. From the uploaded image, I hope to have it automatically inserted as the "value" for that particular custom field.

All of this is subject to change, but this is how I see it going right now. As for a time frame when you can expect to see something like this, I'm shooting for late May or early June. I am no PHP master, and I will be looking to have a reliable plugin developer put this together for me and do it right. I have spent a fairly large amount of money on advertising in the last few weeks, so at this current time I don not have the funds to get this completed in the next few days, but if sales continue to climb, I should have someone for the job very soon. If you have any recommendations at a developer who might be able to handle this, please let me know in the comments below.


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