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Lots of news, notes, and updates

Hello everyone. There is plenty going on in Market Theme world at the moment, and all of it is good. First things first, this week only (through July 5th) I'm running a special Market Theme Fourth of July promo where you can save $10 off a regular license purchase and $30 off of a developers license. If you still have yet to get your hands on the Market Theme, this week is the week. (You must use the promotion code when checking out to take advantage of the offer. Check out the promotions page for more info!)

"There is plenty going on in Market Theme world at the moment, and all of it is good".

Secondly, I've added a Paypal + Google Checkout Add to Cart module to the Download Center. If you'd like to add an alternative payment method to your ajax cart, you now can. Simply visit the download center and download the alternative cart directory, upload it, change two lines in one of the files, and you're ready to go.

Next due to some requests I am putting together an alternative single.php module which will allow for product reviews and ratings on your items. I'm hoping to have this done by Thursday, if not than after this weekend at the latest. The Market Product Manager has also been updated to version 1.1 to fix an annoyance issue which caused the plugin to redirect to the normal write post page instead of the add product page.

"Market itself is indeed for sale."

Finally, the rumors are true - Market itself is indeed for sale. I have been focusing all of my time and effort on this theme for the past four months, and have neglected client work and been unable to start anything new. The site is currently listed on Sitepoint, but if I do not receive any offers I like it will not be sold. I'm hoping to find a new owner who shares the same vision as I do in regards to what this project already has accomplished and what it still can do. Meanwhile, it is still business as usual. As I've said above, I've been adding and I am in the process of adding more and more modules to the Download Center, so please consider buying a license.

Note: If you are a developer / investor interested in purchasing the rights to the Market Theme, please email me at hi[at]

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