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Market Price Increase

After some speculation, the Market theme is indeed increasing it's pricing model. The pricing hike is not a very large one, and still places the theme at a very respectable level when comparing what you get for the amount you pay for. The price increase is effective for both the Standard and the Developer licenses.

The Standard License is now priced at $55 USD, up $15 from the original price of $40 per copy. Everything you get has remained the same, with all future upgrades and add-ons still free.

The Developer License meanwhile is now priced at $150 USD, up $30 from the original price of $120 per copy. Same as above applies in terms of all additional features and items included with the theme still being free with purchase.

Why the increase?

For those who have been following the theme for the last couple of weeks since it launched, I have stated a few times that because Market was my first theme, I would being "testing the waters" so to speak in terms of the best pricing scheme. Many of you - both owners and non-owners of the theme - publicly and privately conveyed your thoughts to me that I was selling the theme way below its value. Even with the increase, I still believe that the theme is available below its value, so you are still getting your moneys worth and more.

I already purchased the theme. Does this effect me?

Not at all. Current owners of the theme get to enjoy the fact that they were some of the first buyers of the theme. I won't be billing you to make up for the price difference. Enjoy.

But I was just about to purchase it....

I am holding a 24 hour period between now (9PM EST on March 18) and tomorrow night (March 19 at 9PM EST) in which you can buy the theme at normal price. Simply use the promo / discount code of Fastbuy during purchase for both the Standard and Developer licenses. This will save you $15 from the Standard License and a whole $30 from the Developer license, so purchase now and take advantage of this (very) limited time offer! After 9PM EST tomorrow night, the promo code will no longer be valid and the new prices will become permanent.

Feel free to discuss the changes in the comments below.

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