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More News And Notes

Hey everyone. Hope you are enjoying the week. I've been on my last official high school "school vacation" all the week and the weather has been perfect. Still, I've found some time to work on various Market related things. First, you'll notice that the homepage was slightly updated to match my new ad over on Smashing Magazine. I think it looks a lot better this way as the previous headers were a bit of space wasters.

Next, the News page was updated to actually look like most normal news pages. Check it out if you want to catch up on some posts you may have missed. There are plenty of tidbits around there that might be worth checking out. I also added a comparison page which compares the Market Theme to the WP E-Commerce Plugin. Check it out here.

Most importantly on the client side, I have finally added an "Upgrade License" option to the Download Center. This has long been requested, and I was always very lazy and never got around to it. With the upgrade license option, you can now purchase a standard license to give the theme a try for yourself, and if you need to use the theme for development purposes you can simply upgrade to the Developers License via the link in the DC (when you are logged in). I'm sure a few of you will like this.

That's it for now. I'll be checking back in soon.

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