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News and Notes for April

Hello everyone. Just wanted to take a few quick moments to give everyone a few updates. The first bit of news for the day is that I am happy to report that Market theme sales have increased by a whole 25% in comparison to this same time frame last month (3/1 - 3/12 compared to 4/1 - 4/12). I am very excited to see that the theme continues to build steam. Now is a great time to buy, so please consider the Market theme if you have not done so yet.

Next, the number of developers licenses sold is also increasing. This is more great news because it means that people like me are using the theme to build projects and client work of. I'm very excited to see what some people do with it.

Also, as mentioned a few days ago, I am in need of 1 or 2 people with merchant accounts who would be willing to do some testing for me so I can complete the Authorize integration with the theme. I was initially limiting this to current customers only, but if you have not purchased the theme and would like to be a tester for the Authorize integration, you can save $10 off the license purchase price (standard license) or $20 off of a developers license. Please let me know in the comments below if you are interested!

Finally, I am encouraging all current theme owners to share their shop in the community forums. I would like to create a gallery section of the site to not only promote each and everyone's storefronts, but also to let those interested in the theme see what kind of creative ways different customers have customized the theme to their liking.

Enjoy the weekend everyone. Thanks for reading and continuing to support the project!

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