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Support and Everything Else

Just wanted to put out some updates for everyone so everyone know what is going on with the theme these days. The support forum that was initially supposed to go live last weekend is on hold until this weekend (have some school things to take care of this week) due to the server move that took place over this past weekend.

Some people have also asked about being able to contact me regarding theme support. As stated support is not guaranteed, but I've been trying to answer anything and everything that has come my way so far. I've helped a few people out already, and I think they have been happy with my assistance. A contact form will be added for high importance items within the next few hours. The support forum (when it finally does go live) will be used for basic questions, how to customize, etc. I'll also be adding an F.A.Q. page today along with some other things. (Final site cleanups and stuff).

Next, I finally upgraded my test blog (where the Market demo is located) to WordPress 2.5 RC1. No problems to report with any of my themes, which means I can now fully say that the theme is WordPress 2.5 compatible.

And in the final bit of news, I'm still waiting for to approve my developer account so I can get a move on with the Authorize version of the theme. It should be here soon, just waiting on them really because I believe my code should work once I get a chance to test it.

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