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Theme and Site Updates

Over the past two weeks there has been quite a bit of activity surrounding the Market theme. First off as you can see, the Market theme now has it's own personal location here at From here, you will get everything you need to know about the theme - from features to a brief product tour and of course the download center. I'm wrapping up final work on the pages that still had to be completed, but mostly everything should be good from here on out.

So what about the theme itself?

The download center now consists of six items plus the default (main) theme package. You have; an online version of the Readme file included with the download, Market Cart which replaces the buy now button with an add to cart button, Market and Blogs which shows posts and shop items at the same time, a page on how to customize the Paypal form to require shipping and other details, Market v2 which contains a horizontal navigation and a tan and white color scheme, and finally the Market Lite plugin which allows you to add a Paypal buy now button to any post in any theme. All of this is included with the download price.

I will be widgetizing the sidebars of the default theme package and the Market V2 package tonight and re-uploading them as well, so if you are interested in a widgetized sidebar it will be there sometime within the next couple of hours.

If you are using the theme on your site, please share your live link below so I can use some of the sites as examples for potential buyers. Also, be sure to subscribe to the new Market Feed to make sure you get the latest updates whenever they are published.

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